Accessibility Guide

Level access YES  NO Comments
The main entrance has level access. X    
There is level access from the main entrance to: X    
Main Reception X    
Accessible Toilet X    
Consulting Rooms X    
 Visual YES  NO Comments
The walls and the doors have high colour contrast. X   Moderate contrast for interior doors
Glass doors and full-height windows have contrast markings. X   No full height windows
We have information available in large print on request. X    
 Hearing YES  NO Comments
The fire alarm has flashing lights. X We would escort patients in the event of a fire
We have a hearing loop in the reception area X
 General YES  NO Comments
There are wheelchairs available to support people with mobility issues. X    
There is an accessible public toilet available X    
We have emergency evacuation procedures for disabled visitors. X    
Some staff have disability awareness training. X